In 2011, we escaped to Velddrif, a coastal fishing town on the West Coast of Cape Town.

"With the lack of local, flavourful cheeses at reasonable prices, and our culinary background, it was easy to resolve that we were going to make our own cheeses."

Kokerboom Kaas was born...

The cheese journey started with tuition from the Food scientist, Leon Van der Westhuizen and his highly knowledgeable wife, Elaine, who both originally hail from this area.

In August 2018, we completed our cheese room and started producing cheese. We began with Feta, Greek style, flavoured with fresh coriander and red chili. This worked out very well and has become a popular staple that seldom finds its way to salads! It is delicious from the tub!

We wanted to make a small range of cheeses that are not readily available in the local “super”. We also wanted to give our products a “local flair”. We have now a large range of cheeses that are all superb and some even exceptional.


Our milk is a single source from Langrietvlei farm’s Golden Guernsey herd. Reuben Kotze supplies us grade A22 milk, especially selected for top cheese making results. A22 means that consumers are far less likely to experience lactose or other dairy intolerances.


Our cheeses are all named after local creatures and flora, endemic to Velddrif. Cheeses are mostly dyed with a bacteria called “Brevibacteria Linens” introduced to them at making and wiped during maturation, to create an orange rind.


The vast mounds of salt around us, the salty climate and use of Khoi San natural salt, create Velddrif’s own Linens climate! Another unique feature of our cheese. These Linens give our Kelp Gull its delicious crispy bacon flavour.


White Steenbras 

Camembert style

Charlie's Gold Dust 

Made exclusively for Charlie's Brewhouse in Velddrif


Spanish Manchego type


Fontina style

Black Stilt  (Flagship)

Young, creamy baby Stilton


A luscious, creamy Gorgonzola style cheese


Asiago type

Kelp Gull

A delicious Gruyere type

Old Mill 

A firm and delicious yellow cheese


Our own Caerphilly

Blue Crane

An elegant firm blue – our own creation

Cape Weaver

A light cheese infused with mystical cumin


Our Crane cheese spiced with roasted coriander

Greek Style Yoghurt 

A full cream lactose free/probiotic yogurt


Monday to Friday: 16:00 - 17:30

Weekends: Strictly by appointment


We provide a range of cheeses currently available from the creamery, for tasting with biscuits and a sherry at only R50 per person.


Carolyn Malan | Proprietor

+27 82 563 4640


David Malan | Cheesemaker

+27 82 572 1822





On Saturday mornings the Hopefield locals invite you to join them at the market where you can purchase the freshest of produce and a wide variety of freshly baked goods and hand-made designer products.

Visit our stall at The Mill Market, Hopefield:

Saturdays, 10am - 2pm


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